Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI), a manufacturer and integrator of material handling systems, has developed a new large-size carton packaging system.

According to the company, the large carton packaging systems operate by sorting empty cartons to pack stations automatically, and then sorting items into the cartons accordingly.

The cases are conveyed, heat shrunk and manifested once the packing process is completed.

The system operates by releasing orders to the CASI controller, where boxes come off the CASIrector robotic case erector and are manually inducted to the sorter.

The cartons are already provided with licence plate barcodes and the empty cartons, which travel along the conveyers situated within the carton packaging systems, are inducted to the sorter.

In the process, each carton is automatically scanned and sorted to a pack station, and when they are full of empty shipping cartons, products are installed into the sorter.

A green light ton signal will be instructed by the systems when packers are allowed to fill each of the cartons, which are prelined with a film for heat shrink, and pushed through an automatic case sealer.

In order to ascertain accuracy, the ID of each carton is scanned and a shipping label is produced.

CASI claims that the new large carton packaging systems reduce the number of touches required to fulfill each order and help in reduction of handling of the large items, ensuring better efficiency.