Coca-Cola_QR Code

Beverage giant Coca-Cola has signed an agreement with US ScanLife for the incorporation of QR Codes on all of its Coca-Cola classic and Coca-Cola Zero products in Spain.

Consumers can scan the codes placed on the packaging with the help of any QR Code reader application like ScanLife, and receive content such as UEFA’s EURO 2012 videos and Coca-Cola SmileWorld, Coca-Cola’s online community.

According to ScanLife, the partnership will enable Coca-Cola to strengthen its position as a company that interacts with consumers right from the packaging of its products.

Coca-Cola digital manager Paco Rodríguez, commenting on the technology, said, "Thanks to intelligent QR Codes from the Scanlife platform we are able to constantly surprise our consumers with new content, strengthen our position in the mobile space, and understand what interests our consumers."

The code management platform from ScanLife enables the codes to function as a two-way communication with consumers that can change in real time. the technology allows marketers to deliver relevant content based on a variety of triggers such as frequency of scans.

The ScanLife suite of mobile barcode products comprise of an inter-operable code management platform, a universal barcode reader app, and developer tools that can be accessed to build customised solutions.

Image: The new QR Code on Coca-Cola’s products can be scanned with any barcode reader. Photo: PR Newswire.