Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors manufacturer Cortec has announced the launch of its new environmentally-friendly protective paper, which eliminates the need to list a variety of papers for each of the metals to be protected and prevents package contamination.

The new vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI)-148 paper, which is grease-resistant, consists of biobased materials.

The VpCI-148 paper provides resistance to oils and solvents, and fights corrosion at the molecular level, besides providing protection with corrosion inhibiting vapours.

According to the company, the vapours form a thin, uniform, economical corrosion inhibiting layer by condensing onto the surface of the products.

The fully-recyclable and repulpable paper is made from natural kraft paper, which is produced in the company’s coating plant under controlled conditions.

The paper is also fluorochemical free, and is a safer alternative to traditional grease-resistant papers.

Cortec claims the product contains no chemical concentrations to calculate or application systems to maintain, and is simple to use as no surface preparation or cleaning is required.

The paper, which is free of nitrites, phosphates, silicones, chromates and other heavy metals, protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, dry or oiled, such as carbon, stainless and galvanised steel, cast iron, copper, solder, aluminium alloys and brass.

As tested according to TAPPI T-454 and UM 557, VpCI-148 grease resistance is the same or better compared to commercial polycoated papers.

Typical applications of the product include protection of products for storage and shipment that require lubrication, such as bearing and metal parts, in various methods.

The methods include single item packaging or interleaving, sheet liners or separators between products, metalworking, finished products and metal forging and die casting.

Image: The new recyclable VpCI-148 paper prevents package contamination. Photo: Cortec Corporation