Danimer Scientific is set to introduce a new biobased label adhesive to eliminate the problems associated with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container recycling.

The company used renewable building block Susterra propanediol from the suppliers DuPont Tate & Lyle and Myriant to develop the new adhesive called DaniMer 92721.

According to DaniMer, the adhesive’s renewable content is higher than 50% and can dissolve in PET flake caustic wash recycling operations without clumps or ‘stickies.’

Rheology of the adhesive enables it to operate in existing adhesive systems at temperatures under 162.7°C 325°F.

The company said that results from industry standard protocol testing have also revealed that the product enables zero contamination in PET recycle streams.

DaniMer Scientific founder and CEO Daniel Carraway said the company selected DuPont and Myriant as its suppliers for the project due to their capabilities and knowledge of the development of the renewable building blocks.

"We have been actively engaged with our target market in order to understand what our consumers need, and the issue of PET contamination was a recurring and significant matter that needed to be resolved," Carraway added.

Susterra propanediol is certified 100% biobased by the US department of agriculture and can be used to add renewable content to products.