Cleanroom bags manufacturer Degage has announced the launch of KleenTuff, a class100 cleanroom, low-density barefoot, virgin resin polyethylene blend designed particularly for use in pharmaceutical packaging applications.

The new blend is used in applications where cleanliness levels meeting or exceeding ISO 14644-1 level 100 are required.

US-based Degage claims KleenTuff performs well in the packaging of PET products by offering low cost and puncture resistance.

The blend does not contain any additives such as slip agents, anti-blocking agents or antioxidants, and is available in thicknesses ranging from 2mil to 10mil.

KleenTuff is said to display better characteristics in the area of low ionic contamination, low out-gassing and low non-volatile residue, and claims to have added strength, increased puncture resistance, and improved sealability, ease of opening, clarity and seam strength.

The product does not exhibit the usual characteristics of low density barefoot polyethylene material such as blocking.

According to the company, a 4mil KleenTuff bag is much more cost-effective than a 6mil low-density polyethylene bag.

Degage manufactures and distributes a wide line of Class 100 packaging films and manufacturing aids, designed specifically to eliminate the risks of bacteria and harmful particulation in the packaging of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and orthopedic devices.

Degage provides complete clean room medical, electronic, pharmaceutical and industrial packaging bags and tubing, specialising in medical grade nylon bags, anti static nylon bags and low and medical and industrial polyethylene bags, films and tubing.