US-based Dow Chemical has introduced a range of new coatings resins and adhesives for packaging manufacturers to improve their packaging.

The new range consists of MOR-FREE L solventless laminating adhesives and the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) DMDA 8810 Resin, and are designed to bring improved performance options to customers.

MOR-FREE L meets the varied needs from lower to higher performance packaging requirements, complies with FDA regulations, and also helps improve lamination productivity and reduce total systems costs, claimed Dow.

The adhesives family offers advantaged bonding and sealing in uses ranging from basic dry goods packages to complex and demanding wet food / chemically resistant applications for packaging converters.

The single formulation will provide flexibility that offers the ability to use one adhesive for multiple film structures, which can help create efficiencies in inventory control and ease of handling.

Dow said when fast curing technology is used in MOR-FREE L adhesives, it can help broaden scheduling windows and reduce turnaround. It can also help reduce work-in-process time in between lamination, slitting, filling and sealing.

Dow’s new HDPE DMDA 8810 coating resin has been designed for the food packaging marketplace and supplies brands and converters a option to help reduce waste, time, and costs, the company said.

The resin has an enhanced product formulation that can result in less edge bead and also offers reduced chill roll contamination during long runs, which can lead to less machine downtime due to cleanup.