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Organic skincare company ECOCARE has selected eco-friendly packaging from Australia-based Cardia Bioplastics for the launch of its biodegradable facial wipes, which are made from 100% natural certified organic cotton.

The packaging incorporates Cardia’s renewable and recyclable biohybrid resin, derived from renewable resources and which has considerable renewable content.

The final combination is claimed to have a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Cardia Bioplastics managing director Dr Frank Glatz said the thermoplastic starch resins help in the reduction of carbon footprint by up to 50% when they are incorporated into standard packaging or plastic products.

"ECOCARE has built its business on environment-friendly products and we are proud to partner with them to develop packaging solutions that align with this philosophy," Glatz added.

The biohybrid resins from Cardia combine renewable thermoplastics with oil-based polymer material to reduce dependence on limited oil resources.

Derived from non-genetically modified corn crops grown for industrial use, the food-safe resins, which are also compatible with existing plastic recycling processes, have halal certification.

Cardia expects others in the consumer healthcare and beauty industry to follow suit and look for sustainable packaging solutions.

ECOCARE said the company will continue to work with Cardia to access environmentally-friendly and renewable packaging that would complement its products and principles.

The eco-friendly wipes are available in various retail outlets across Australia and will be launched in the overseas markets in the coming months.

Image: ECOCARE’s facial wipes are available in eco-friendly packaging from Cardia Bioplastics. Photo: Cardia Bioplastics