US-based Masterpiece Cookies has selected EcoLogic‘s Eco-One additives to improve the biodegradation of plastic containers for its cookie dough, produced for them by Letica.

Eco-One improves the biodegradation process of plastic products through a series of chemical and biological processes, when disposed of in a biologically active landfill.

Ingredients in Eco-One allow the formation of a ‘biofilm’ coating made up of microbes that penetrate the plastic, while other ingredients expand the molecular structure making room for the microbes.

Letica director of marketing and sustainability Dan Tafaro said Eco-One’s green solution delivers environmental benefits while retaining performance and function of traditional plastic resins, without altering the fit and function of the container.

EcoLogic director of National Accounts Galen Killam said the company will support the launch of the cookie dough container with Masterpiece Cookies.

"This is especially significant as it continues to illustrate Eco-One’s high performance characteristics as it relates to food contact applications," Killam said.

Masterpiece Cookies is the official manufacturer of Masterpiece Fundraising, with products distributed by schools, groups, churches, sports teams and other organisations.

The new containers with Eco-One organic additive will be available for the spring fundraising season.