Green cleaning products manufacturer Ecover has introduced its 100% PlantPlastic bottles which are completely renewable, reusable and recyclable.

PlantPlastic material, which is made purely from sugarcane, is created using a simple, sustainable process that involves fermenting and distilling sugar to produce ethanol.

According to the Belgium-based company, the plant-based ethanol is dehydrated to create ethylene, which in turn is polymerised into PlantPlastic.

Ecover marketing manager Kipling Wagner said the company spent three years investigating this alternate packaging solution for its sustainable cleaning products.

"Like many people, we’re deeply concerned about the problems associated with crude oil and petroleum-based plastics. We’re thrilled to be in the process of switching the majority of Ecover packaging to PlantPlastic," Wagner added.

Sugarcane for Ecover packaging is grown and harvested in harmony with the natural environment, in order to support its commitment to sustainability, said the company.

Ecover claims the company is extending its ‘minimal impact on the environment’ commitment and vision of a sustainable world even further, with the introduction of the new PlantPlastic bottles.

Constructed with recycled or renewable materials, the company’s factories use less energy and water compared to typical manufacturing facilities.

The machines have energy efficient motors, lights will get switched off automatically when not in use, and energy comes from a mix of renewable sources.