Faerch Plast has introduced new MAPET II mono packaging, made from post-consumer recycled material for meat and poultry manufacturing trays.

MAPET II has similar properties to multi-layer materials, but is produced from just one substrate, MONO amorphous polyethylene terephthalate or MAPET, which offers better sealability compared to its predecessor, MAPET I.

According to the Danish packaging producer, the new tray has better clarity to meet the growing consumer trend to evaluate the quality and integrity of food products prior to purchase, and may be used with a wide range of sealing films including market standard PE.

MAPET II will be initially used for top sealed fresh meat products and other chilled food and snack products such as biscuits and cakes.

Faerch Plast UK managing director, Joe Iannidinardo, said that with MAPET II the company used a small amount of special adhesive suitable for food packaging applications around the rim of each tray to make sure that it can be sealed conveniently, instead of adding a top layer.

"At the same time the quantity of adhesive is so low that there will be no contamination of the waste stream. Of course the fact that the trays are made using Post-Consumer Recycled materials gives them a very low environmental foot-print," Iannidinardo added.

In order to produce the MAPET II, the company extruded an APET mono sheet, thermoformed the tray using its standard production process and integrated a robot station at which a specially developed adhesive is rolled on to the sealing flange.

Developed by Faerch Plast, the adhesive has been approved for direct contact with food at temperatures up to 40°C.

Faerch Plast hopes that the plastics recycling industry will back the product as the new industry standard, as it has better potential to be recycled compared to multi-layer products.