Protective packaging products manufacturer Free Flow Packaging (FP) International has announced the launch of its new MINI PAK’R packaging machine.

The mobile MINI PAK’R produces air cushions and provides protection for a range of products from electronics to cosmetics.

According to the US-based company, the machine and air cushions require minimal space, and areas which were earlier used for storing packaging materials can now be used for producing goods.

The 36cm long, 33cm wide and 28cm-high MINI PAK’R machine, which weighs 6kg, is small enough to be placed on the packing table or directly next to the till, and is said to be ready to work within a minute.

Five types of air cushions are available and the users can select between them based on their requirements.

The flyweight machine automatically starts the appropriate inflation process, once the film is inserted, and produces around 7.5m of air cushions per minute with full power.

FP International product manager Jeroen Pluijmen said MINI PAK’R is also useful for companies operating in the e-commerce sector and retail trade, as it optimises their processes.

"It is a real asset for companies that use air cushions to protect their goods during dispatch or transport. Thanks to optimised working processes, the MINI PAK’R helps companies to be even more successful and grow with their business." Pluijmen added.

Image: The new MINI PAK’R machine produces around 7.5m of air cushions per minute. Photo: Free Flow Packaging International, Inc.