Postler Ferguson, a Uk-based design consultancy firm, has created a new package for use at fresh fish counters to help the contents remain fresh.

The new packaging can be used to help raise consumer awareness about sustainable seafood and serves as a replacement for the typical paper fish packaging, which often ends up leaking through the grocery bag.

The airtight, resealable packages are made from a double layered polyethylene and can be filled with ice for to keep fish fresh during transportation.

Postler Ferguson co-founder Ian Ferguson told Packaging News that the project at present is just a concept, but aims to be launched in shops soon.

"As designers we always look at the world around us with open eyes and we have been thinking about the fish industry for quite a while," Ferguson said.

A chain of effects can be prompted by making unpopular and abundant fish attractive to the end consumer which will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

According to Postler Ferguson, supermarkets are also expanding their fresh fish offering to include more sustainable species, such as gurnard, mackerel and skate.

"This fish packaging proposal helps put these fish back on equal standing with their more recognised brethren by placing them in an attractive and highly recognisable packaging solution," Ferguson added.