Frozen seafood brand Gorton’s has launched its products in new packaging, in an effort to make it easier for consumers to identify the products and information they’re looking for.

Gorton’s new packaging features key nutritional information on the front panel of food packaging, in addition to highlighting the calorie count and gluten free labelling on its grilled fish items, and the back panel of the packaging has also been updated with cooking directions.

Gorton’s director of consumer marketing Zach Soolman said that the company has devised different looks for each of its various product segments to help consumers locate their preferred items.

"Now our packaging contains key information right on the front of the package, like the assurance that there is no MSG in any of our products, or that our products contain 100% real fish and no fillers," Soolman added.

Featuring the USDA’s recommendation to eat seafood twice a week, each package of Gorton’s comes with food photography of a meal idea.

The new packaging, which retains the trademark yellow and blue logo of Gorton’s previous packaging, also features URL for the company’s newly designed recipe section, allowing consumers to search through easy seafood recipes.

As part of the packaging, Gorton’s has retained the image of Gorton’s Fisherman who is represented across the entire line.

Gorton’s Seafood product line includes breaded and battered fish sticks and fillets, grilled fillets, including tilapia and salmon, premium fillets, premium shrimp, flavored fillets, tenders, and popcorn shrimp.