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Packaging company GreenBottle has launched a new paper juice carton, which is made from a cartonboard exterior with a thin, removable plastic lining.

The new eco-friendly carton has been developed using the company’s own pulp-moulding technology, which is said to have a 23% lower carbon footprint compared to laminated cartons.

The paper carton was developed to overcome the troubles posed by the discarding of laminated cartons, which require particular recycling facilities that are not widely available in the UK.

According to the UK-based company, 75% of laminated carton is made from woodfibre and has layers of the plastic polyethylene (21% of the carton) to avoid leakage and aluminium (4%).

The polyethylene layers are difficult to separate from the paper layers, making laminated cartons difficult to recycle.

Based on the figures released from The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment in 2011, kerbside collections for laminated cartons are operated by only 40% of UK councils while only 36% of cartons across Europe are recycled, with the remaining being burnt or sent to landfill.

The biodegradable GreenBottle carton can be recycled with other paper products, and can also be left to decompose on a compost heap in a short time.

On sale now in Asda stores in the south-west of England, the paper milk bottle technology has been applied to other categories of liquids packaging including wine, juice, oils and homecare products.

The launch of the juice carton follows a major deal announcement to get GreenBottle wine on supermarket shelves by the end of 2012.

GreenBottle packages can be printed, branded and embossed.

Image: The new paper carton is made from woodfibre and has a 23% lower carbon footprint. Photo: GreenBottle