UK packaging firm GreenBottle has joined with California wine producer Truett-Hurst to introduce the first paper wine bottle in the US.

The paper bottle weighs only around 65g, and can be placed in an ice bucket for up to three hours without falling apart. GreenBottle used compressed recycled paper to make the bottle, along with natural inks for printing. The rigid bottles consume only 15% of the energy that regular bottles take to produce.

The Paperboy, a 2012 red blend wine from Paso Robles will be the first to be sold. The inside of the bottle features a recyclable sleeve, while the outside has a black ink retro graphic featuring the paperboy logo. Label graphics for the bottle have been designed by creative design agency Stranger & Stranger.

GreenBottle managing director Mark Eaves said that compared to glass bottled wines, the new paper bottle is lighter and more environmentally friendly.

"We also know that consumers will revel in the safe portability and unique easy-pouring characteristics of GreenBottle, as well as the improved insulation properties, all of which combine to make it a great choice for out-of-home consumption as well," Eaves added.

GreenBottle produces sustainable packaging products such as bottles for milk and juice, as well as for household cleaning products.