GS Medical Packaging has introduced the new Class 4 Indicators, which can be integrated into the company’s sterilisation pouches, in a bid to improve product quality.

The indicator provides practitioners with an easy-to-see visual indicator of sterilisation, and meets three key parameters determining effectiveness of steam sterilisation: time, temperature and the presence of steam.

GS Medical Packaging general manager John Sherlock said incorporating built-in Class 4 indicators into pouches would save the market cost of inserting them manually each time.

"Luckily, our plant is equipped with industry-leading technology that allows for us to produce these integrated pouches with the highest quality controls," Sherlock said.

According to the medical packaging manufacturer, independent laboratory NAMSA validated the Class 4 multi-parameter steam indicator in 2012.

The company said that the practitioners are required to use the pouches on which they can store their apparatuses avoiding bacteria and virus attacks on them.

Use of the pouches also keep all the equipment and instruments used in the medical, dental, health and other clinics safe and clean.

The Canada-based company, GS Medical produces pouches that cater to a wide range of markets including medical, dental, tattoo, and spa clinics.

The company, which serves clients across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, specialises in a variety of sterilisation packaging used by medical device companies and hospitals.