Technomelt Supra 1000

Henkel has launched a new hotmelt packaging adhesives for packaging production, the Technomelt Supra 1000.

The hot-melt is part of the company’s Technomelt Supra product range, has an improved bonding performance and is compatible with a wide range of packaging materials, Henkel said.

According to the company, the Technomelt Supra 1000 also provides better flowability in automatic filling systems and the clear hot-melt is almost is almost invisible on the package, providing adhesive flow properties without stringing or cracking.

Compared with other metallocene-based hotmelts, the base polymer in Henkel’s new hotmelt reduces adhesive usage by up to 20%, and gives savings of up to 40% compared to EVA-based hot-melts.

Henkel has also developed a new production and process technology to manufacture the new adhesive.

Henkel said the product makes machine cleaning easier, since adhesive residues can be easily removed from metal parts, and assures safe transport of packages with its heat-resistance capability, while improving sustainability performance.

The company claims that the adhesive can be used to make packaging for tea or chewing gum, as it is resistant to etheric oils, as well as for hot-filled and deep-freeze packages, as it is thermally stable and shows cold flexibility.

The adhesive also helps customers to improve their environmental performance, as it reduces reject rates in production, enabling low waste generation.

Image: The new base polymer in Technomelt Supra 1000 adhesive reduces adhesive usage by up to 20%. Photo: Henkel.