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US-based energy drinks manufacturer HiBall Energy has partnered with beverage can company Ball to launch its line of reformulated sparkling energy waters and organic energy drinks in 16oz aluminium cans.

The new lightweight cans feature ‘cold activation’ graphics using thermo-chromic ink by inks and coatings manufacturer Chromatic Technologies.

According to Ball, the bubbles on the can graphics turn from white to blue, when cans reach a temperature of 8°C, indicating that the beverage inside is at the optimal temperature for drinking.

The new cold-activated cans contain an average of 68% recycled aluminium and are completely recyclable.

Hiball president Todd Berardi said the choice to move from 10oz glass bottles to 16oz aluminium cans is the result of consumer demand for a larger size with a more portable packaging option.

The airtight and oxygen-free cans take up less space than a bottle, allowing compact shipping, and cool down faster than other beverage container, the company said.

Ball metal beverage packaging division, Americas vice president for sales Rob Miles said the aluminium can is the natural packaging solution for sparkling energy water and organic sparkling energy drinks.


Image: The recyclable 16oz cans contain an average of 68% recycled aluminium. Photo: Ball Corporation