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UK packaging and disposables manufacturer Huhtamaki has secured a contract to supply disposable paper cups for Kafevend’s Flavia hot drinks vending machines.

Huhtamaki will custom-print 9oz double-wall paper hot cups with a bespoke design for Kafevend by incorporating logos, corporate colours and details of competitions.

The disposable containers come in a variety of custom prints, and can be used as a channel to push promotions and messages to consumers and provide increased brand awareness in pre-existing customer channels.

Kafevend commercial marketing director Jane Rowe said Huhtamaki’s ability to supply personalised disposables now ensures a good experience to all users of the machines.

According to Huhtamaki, the cups also provide insulation and protection for the user, when filled with a hot beverage, due to improved quality of the cup.

In November last year, Huhtamaki announced the addition of new moulded-fibre hinged food containers to its range of takeaway disposable food packaging that are made from natural fibres using renewable resources.

The compostable containers help operators minimise impact on the environment, and have a dual, quick-lock tab closure for easy locking that minimises spills.

Their structure combines ribbing for improved strength and fibre to help extend the content’s freshness and prevent food from becoming soggy.


Image: Huhtamaki will custom print its 9oz double-wall paper hot cups with a bespoke design for Kafevend. Photo: Huhtamaki