tea bags

US-based tea packaging manufacturer Infusion GB has added the G220i thermal ink jet printer from Domino UK to its IMA packaging machine to print directly onto enveloped tea bags.

The G-Series printers help in printing best before dates and batch information, which will allow Infusion to sell the tea bags individually or repackaged for the gift market.

Infusion senior manager Peter Barry said: "We believe that being able to print best before dates onto these envelopes is a real point of difference for Infusion GB. We have capacity for further G220i printers and we may well invest within the next few months."

The company selected the G220i printer for its coding and marking, and to match the speed of its IMA C27 tea packing machines, which have the capacity to produce 250 bags a minute.

Domino‘s specialist engineering team visited Infusion to examine the IMA machines and develop a solution for integration of the G-Series printers. The team decided to use the company’s low-profile compact print head as it does not disrupt or change the web path and can be printed as close to the bottom of the envelope as possible.

Infusion packages teas and herbal drinks for brands including Pukka Herbs, Twinings, Tetley and Lipton. The company plans to introduce best before dates on printed enveloped bags by summer 2014.

Image: Domino-Infusion best before date. Photo: courtesy of Ad Communications Ltd.