The Institute of Packaging Professionals UK (IoPP) has collaborated with the City of Bristol College, UK, to launch work-based training programmes within the packaging industry.

The programmes will address the growing need for practical skills and knowledge in the packaging industry, besides introducing more young people to a career in packaging.

IoPP UK director Kevin Vyse said apart from being an important way of introducing fresh talent to the industry, the apprenticeships also help to equip the students with the right skills when they are ready to be employed.

"The IoPP-sponsored work-based programme is designed around the needs of the employer. In return the employer will get a pre-screening of the students, a mentoring service for the students and a specific packaging training module to help them gain a recognised qualification in this vital business arena," Vyse said.

City of Bristol College faculty of business, creativity and computing head Alison Rugg, commenting on the launch, said, "The need for the industry to be involved in the educational process has never been more important, but to add the additional mentoring and packaging focus to this scenario, is a fantastic way to ensure both sides of the process benefit."

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