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Oplon Pure Science, an Israeli developer of anti-bacterial plastic sheets for packaging, has signed an $8m agreement with PepsiCo to supply packaging solutions for the beverege giant.

The Oplon packaging is still in experimental stages but is expected to delay the development of germs and bacteria in food products, and increase the shelf life of the products.

For instance, the shelf life of milk is expected to increase to a month instead of a day, and a fruit juice might stay fresh for two weeks at room temperature instead of a day and a half.

Oplon said that in order to increase the product’s shelf-life, the company sprays a layer of anti-bacterial material on the inner part of the package.

The company has developed a range of surface protection materials, as well as antimicrobial compounds composed of polyelectrolytes contained within a polymer matrix that are used as coatings, and which challenge the negative effects of contamination.

A surface electric field is created on contact with liquids, which disrupts cell membranes safely. Upon contact, the coatings act as an electric shield that kills yeast, mould, bacteria and certain viruses by disrupting and destroying them.

According to Oplon, cooling methods are not as easily available in some countries as they are in western countries, and the new development aims to make the product distribution easier in these countries.

Image: According to Oplon, it has signed a 8m agreement with beverage giant PepsiCo. Photo: PepsiCo.