Jiffy Packaging has announced the launch of a new initiative to develop sustainable packaging solutions to enable customers to meet their environmental targets.

As part of its Earth Aware initiative, the company, a part of Pregis Protective Packaging Europe, has created a new bundle concept for the delivery of its CD, DVD and larger size mailers, which has done away with the need for corrugated cartons.

The removal of cartons from the delivery process can help to increase operating efficiencies for the customer, as the time taken tounpack bundles is less than for boxes.

The bundle concept binds together 50 mailers with a polypropylene band, followed by shrink wrapping to provide protection against dust and other hazards.

Featuring an inner bubble layer that is laminated to the outer kraft paper, the Jiffy pack has a PE coating which gives it the rigidity to enable the bundles to be stacked on a pallet vertically.

Between each layer, a corrugated sheet is positioned for stability and the entire pallet is stretch wrapped.

According to the company, the Earth Aware solution has helped in reducing material in excess of 700kg per trailer load for Size 1 DVD mailers, and a 44% increase in volume per pallet.

The Earth Aware bundles, which are implemented by a variety of end user packers and packaging distributors, are available for CD, 1, 2, 3 and 4 size mailers.

Jiffy Packaging managing director Max Weller said sustainability is a major driving force in all areas of packaging development.

"Our Earth Aware™ initiative has therefore been introduced to develop workable solutions that focus on both these key areas and enable our customers to demonstrate genuine savings in their own quests to reduce their carbon footprints," Weller said.