US contract packager KitPackers has launched a new package that can mix and dispense small quantities of reactive chemicals such as adhesives and sealants.

The TwinPak Needle Pouch package includes two chambers separated by a burstable seal for the reactive components, and has a third chamber to mix the two components. In addition, a luer lock tip can be attached at the dispensing outlet.

The dispensing tip of the package gives the system dispensing accuracy, and users will waste much less of the product, according to the company.

The pack’s needle adapter is a 3/16in ID 10-32 threaded male luer lock adapter, which accepts standard luer lock needles.

The standard pack’s large compartment has a capacity of about 55ml, while the small compartment can contain up to 12ml.

The total capacity for a 1:1 mix ratio product would be about 25ml, and 60ml for a 4:1 mix ratio product.

Although KitPackers can fill the package based on the customer’s specifications, other size options are also available with a special set-up charge, the company said.