Matrix Packaging Machinery has introduced the new patented SmartGate product concentrator for snack and health food packagers.

SmartGate has the capability to enhance the throughput of narrow bags and generate better profitability per run.

Matrix machines featuring SmartGate will help form-fill-seal bagging operations running at 60 narrow bags (3.5 inches across or less) per minute to achieve speeds between 100 to 120 units per minute.

SmartGate co-developer Michael Krummey said a contract packager or brand owner finds it difficult to make enough money per bag when filling very small bags that do not contain a lot of product.

"Smaller bags are harder to run at high speeds because the product is typically too spread out. That is where SmartGate really helps. It concentrates the food and delivers a shaped charge faster than ever before," Krummey said.

According to Matrix Packaging, SmartGate can reduce the time taken for a total charge of food to be packed in a narrow bag by about 70%.

The SmartGate concentrator enables bags to have a higher percentage of in-specification seals, and allows operations personnel to spend less time on problems and more time on value-adding activities.

While running wider bags on the packaging line, the concentrator can be removed from Matrix machines.

Matrix Packaging Machinery, a division of Pro Mach, manufactures vertical form-fill seal packaging equipment and has machines in operation throughout the world, handling a range of products in diverse conditions.

Image: Matrix machines with SmartGate will help form-fill-seal bagging operations to achieve speeds between 100 to 120 units per minute. Photo: Pro Mach, Inc.