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Mauser Group is set to introduce a new plastic tight head drum, which has been designed to meet packaging needs in the healthcare industry and similar regulated branches with requirements on packaging material conformity and cleanliness.

The new L-Ring Drum H-Care has been derived from the partnership between Mauser and petrochemical company Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).

The companies have teamed up to develop a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material for large blow-moulded packaging solutions in the healthcare market.

Mauser claims with the new L-Ring Drum H-Care, the company adds another benchmark to its European product portfolio, addressing the needs of industries.

According to the German company, the inner layer of the new drum makes use of the company’s multilayer drum machine technology, and is made from a new HDPE material, developed by Sabic in cooperation with Mauser.

The material provides EU and US pharmacopoeia compliance with a HDPE material fit for large blow moulding applications.

Mauser Group global product development and sustainability management head Klaus-Peter Schmidt said the new HDPE grade is another important highlight in the company’s efforts to drive raw material developments for use in industrial packaging continuously.

"With our new L-Ring Drum H-CareTM, we are able to offer a particularly reliable packaging solution for customers with very high regulatory requirements, such as in the food or healthcare industry," Schmidt said.

Produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, the L-Ring Drum H-Care, which is UN-approved for transportation of dangerous goods, comes with global and specific migration testing required for EU and US food contact compliance.

Image: Mauser’s new L-Ring Drum has been derived from its collaboration with petrochemical company SABIC. Photo: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation.