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UK-based confectionery brand Miss Muffet has selected the compostable cellulose-based material NatureFlex from Innovia Films to wrap its range of fairytale and nursery rhyme inspired confectionery products.

The transparent NatureFlex film has environmental credentials and is certified to meet the European EN13432, American ASTM D6400 and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging.

According to Innovia, the wood-pulp used in the material is sourced from managed plantations from referenced suppliers operating Good Forestry principles.

The film has renewable biobased content, which is typically 95% by weight of material, according to ASTM D6866 and is suitable for emerging ‘waste to energy’ techniques such as anaerobic digestion, and can help the diversion of organic wastes from landfill.

The sweets are flow-wrapped using NatureFlex NE and then packed in story book-shaped boxes, with drawings by children’s illustrator Rosie Brooks. Included in the range are Three Blind Sugar Mice, Oranges and Lemon Drops, Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk, Goldilocks and the Jelly Bears and Tom Thumb Drops.

NatureFlex features inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, transparency, resistance to grease and oil, barrier to gases and aromas, print receptive surface, and a wide heat-seal range for packing and converting.


Image: The NatureFlex film has a renewable biobased content, which is typically 95% by weight of material. Photo: Innovia Films