PepsiCo‘s carbonated soft drink brand Mountain Dew is set to launch a new 16oz beverage can in the US, using technology from Chromatic Technology.

The new can features colour-changing artwork aimed at the brand’s target audience nationwide, and when chilled to 46.4°F, it features an easily recognisable symbol that changes itself to the green colour of Mountain Dew.

CTI manager of strategic sales initiatives Melanie Edwards said Mountain Dew was able to use the company’s thermochromic ink to create an interactive experience with its can promotion.

"By incorporating CTI’s cold-activated, colour-changing ink technology into this special offering, it truly elevates the consumer interaction potential of the beverage package," Edwards added.

The use of temperature-activated inks on the cans is expected to help drive purchases for Mountain Dew’s beverages, and it is hoped that the new packaging design will boost the credibility of the brand.

CTI, which sells its special-effects ink for products in 50 countries, signed deals with Anheuser-Busch and Hansen Natural to use the colour changing technology on Busch Light and Monster energy drink cans in 2011.

The company’s thermochromic process utilises ink technology, which is cold-activated to convey messaging when a product changes temperature.

CTI’s inks can be used in a variety of ways to enhance package designs, such as hiding a message, signaling cold temperatures, indicators of product levels or an extension of the product’s brand messaging.