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German company Multivac has introduced two new stand-alone versions of conveyor systems for pack converging, which can be retrofitted to thermoforming packaging machines.

The MBS 120 and 220 feature a variety of pack in-feeding, discharging and separating functions within the packaging process

According to Multivac, the two stand-alone versions are equipped with a separate IPC 02 machine control and work independently of upstream or downstream systems.

Multivac said the new systems can be extended from two up to six lanes and are suitable for pack converging as well as for the ejection of reject packs.

The systems are able to converge up to 80 or alternatively 140 packs per minute and are equipped with change cassettes with hygiene-compatible rubber belts for easy format conversion.

Both the versions are designed for pack ejection on an individual lane basis and are equipped with a blue ThermoDrive feed conveyor from Intralox, which is suited for hygienic applications in the food processing industry.

As with all machines, the conveyor systems are designed in the Multivac Hygiene Design and, which according to the company simplifies the cleaning and disinfection process.

Besides the stand-alone versions, the company offers several integrated conveyor systems for pack converging, which can converge between 60 and 200 packs per minute depending on the model.


Image: The new MBS 120 and 220 conveyor systems are suitable for pack converging and for the ejection of reject packs. Photo:Multivac