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German packaging company Multivac is set to launch a new thermoforming packaging machine designed for the requirements of the fresh meat industry.

The R 515 is scheduled to be launched in March, and is laid out for specific die formats, offering the same features as the company’s R 535 model.

According to Multivac, the machine has a right price-performance ratio and caters to the requirements of the industry of cost-effectiveness, output and hygiene.

Designed for running flexible films such as PA/PE multi-layer films, the R 515 is also equipped with register mark control for running printed upper webs.

Besides vacuum packs, the machine is able to produce packs with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The system has a cycle output of around ten cycles per minute, comes with a HMI 2.0 user interface, and is easy to operate, the company claims.

Constructed in the hygienic design, the machine can be equipped with an optional jumbo film unwind for lower webs, which reduces machine downtime caused by roll changes.

Additionally, an optional quick-change system for forming and sealing dies makes it easier to convert the machine to other formats, the company said.

Multivac said the machine is compatible with the process-controlled clean-in-place system, easily cleaned and disinfected on the inside and outside, and is suitable for the integration in automated packaging lines.

Applications include large ham and fresh meat packs as well as wholesale and transportation packs.


Image: Multivac’s new system, equipped with register markcontrol, has been designed for running flexible films such as PA/PE multi-layer. Photo: Multivac