NJM Packaging will introduce the new in-line pressure sensitive labeller for solid-dose pharmaceuticals.

The 426 AUTOCOLT offers the ability to handle multiple labeling and outserting tasks on one compact platform.

According to NJM, the labeller applies wraparound or three-panel labels and optional side and / or top-serts, and labels square, rectangular and round bottles at speeds of up to 300 containers per minute.

The 426 AUTOCOLT, which handles containers from 1in to 9in in height and from 1in to 5in in diameter, can be changed to handle a new container size and shape to achieve a new label configuration in less than 25 minutes.

Ready for integration with track-and-trace serialisation systems, the labeller accommodates RFID tagging, and its Ethernet connectivity enables communication with external line-monitoring systems.

The labeller applies three-panel labels and a side-sert at higher speeds using the servo oscillating pressure station (OPS), and offers faster changeovers as it has fewer change parts, along with a smaller footprint adn lower capital cost.

426 AUTOCOLT can be equipped with a variety of options such as glue side-sert and / or top-sert applicators, Videojet Technologies’ continuous thermal transfer printing and OCV / OCR vision inspection from Optel Vision.

The US-based packaging systems manufacturer said the 426 AUTOCOLT has a stand-alone electrical box that provides easy access for maintenance, and accomplishes multiple labelling and outserting tasks, within a space only 21ft long and 11ft wide.

NJM customers include pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, beverage, chemicals, cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers as well as contract manufacturers.