Océ Australia is set to introduce EngView Package Designer Suite V5 software.

EngView Package Designer Suite V5, which is being marketed by Océ as a natural partner to its hardware products, is an integrated computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) environment for structural design and prototyping of folding carton and corrugated packaging.

Steven Badger, Océ wide format systems product manager, said EngView is a natural fit with the Océ Arizona family which can print on any packaging substrate.

"The printed product can then be cut to size on the Océ ProCut. It can create perfect packaging prototypes or 3D point of purchase displays," Badger said.

The suite, compatible with Adobe Illustrator, is sold in a set of specific module bundles corresponding to the needs of different packaging professionals and companies.

EngView Package Designer Suite has a set of drafting tools and transformations configured for packaging design and a library of more than 1,500 parametric designs that are ready-to-use including ECMA and FEFCO, POP and POS displays and X-Board type standards.

To reduce drafting time and ensure quality, live parametric components from the library can be used by drag and drop.

3D visualisation helps with structure verification, correct placement of graphics and folding sequencing.

Users can import external 3D models of the products for which structural design is being created, in order to streamline the design process.

Once a part of the project, the models can be assembled into the 3D packaging model to help define a structure.