Rigid food packaging material supplier Octal has ventured into the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) date packaging market with date producers including Al Foah, Royal Dates and Dubai Dates Factory.

Direct PET (DPET) sheet will be supplied by Octal for the packaging of whole dates as well as date paste, which is exported to the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

The DPET sheet, which has enhanced barrier properties, will be used to pack produce such as dates, providing shelf appeal for detailed printing designs particularly in both vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications and preserving contents from deterioration.

Royal Dates general manager Waddah Alraad said a vital consideration for packaging dates is increasing shelf-life and maintaining freshness and flavour naturally, albawaba.com reported.

"The clarity and rigidity of OCTAL’s packaging material has enabled us to upgrade the quality of our end product and increase visibility in the competitive retail market," Alraad said.

The new packaging material from Octal, DPET, offers an environmentally conscious and re-usable packaging solution for dried fruits.

According to independent researchers Intertek Expert Services, who verified DPET, it uses 65% less grid electricity per kilogramme of sheet, which is equivalent to a 25% lower carbon footprint compared to APET that is produced traditionally.

Octal supplies PET resin and DPET packaging material, and manufactures uniform packaging products that are suited for baked goods, fresh produce, meat, cheese and yogurt packaging.