US-based packaging equipment designer and manufacturer ORICS has collaborated with Spartech Packaging Technologies to develop a new solution for food brands looking for a single-source food packaging option.

The new 1-Seal lidding technology for food brands in the North American market is a durable, sustainable, re-sealable packaging solution, according to Spartech.

The polypropylene label-lid combo serves a dual purpose: capping and sealing rigid plastic containers in a single step and doing away with the need for foil or film membranes in the sealing process.

Recyclable in streams that collect polypropylene, the 1-Seal lid is heat-tolerant, microwavable and freezer-to-microwave ready.

Spartech Packaging Technologies director of marketing Jeffrey Best said reputation of ORICS will add value to any food brand looking to switchover to to using 1-Seal technology.

"When Spartech decided to commercialise the 1-Seal technology, I contacted ORICS because I was sure that they would want to promote this technology within their portfolio of packaging production capabilities," Best said.

To highlight the new technology, Spartech will exhibit an ORICS MR-35 rotary packaging system at Pack Expo International in Chicago, Illinois, US, from 28 to 31 October 2012.

The rotary packaging system MR-35, which will de-nest containers, fill and heat seal in a roughly 36in square footprint, can support small single serve containers and fill, seal and overcap at speeds up to 30 containers per minute.

Spartech’s three business segments operate facilities in the US, Mexico, Canada and France, and process about one billion pounds of plastic resins, speciality plastic alloys, and colour and speciality compounds annually.

The 1-Seal technology was awarded the 2012 SPI International Plastics Design Competition Packaging Award.