OxySense_Sidewinder Needle

Optical and non-invasive oxygen measurement systems manufacturer OxySense has unveiled a new needle for oxygen measurement in containers.

The new Sidewinder invasive measurement needle allows users of the OxySense system to measure headspace and dissolved oxygen in closed and opaque containers.

The Sidewinder needle allows users to perforate rigid containers including cans, bottles and PET packages, as well as flex packs.

Measurements can also be taken with the same OxySense system and technology for non-invasive tests and permeation studies.

The Sidewinder uses the same OxyDot sensor (O2xyDot), but does not take out a sample to take a reading.

This results in significant reduction in the chances of pulling in external oxygen and contaminating the sample.

According to the US-based company, each Sidewinder Needle, which is constructed using heavy-gauge stainless-steel, is good for measurements even in metal cans or through metal caps.

The new user-friendly needle is affordable to own and use, requires no maintenance or annual calibration, and serves as a helpful addition to labs’ resources.

The company also manufactures optical oxygen sensor systems for the packaging, packing and processing industries.

OxySense optical oxygen analysers and accessories serve the needs of packaging labs, packaging quality control labs, processors and packagers.

Image: Users can perforate rigid containers including cans, bottles and PET packages with the new Sidewinder needle from Oxysense. Photo: OxySense