Self-adhesive labels and labelling systems manufacturer Pago has provided a new labelling machine technology for Swiss pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturer Dividella.

The linear, modular L400 labelling system was designed to develop a simple label to be applied from below on upright collapsible boxes that are already filled.

According to UK-based Pago, the machine, along with secure conveyance of the product, ensures smooth product delivery with controlled motion, register tracking and lateral retaining straps.

Using a PAGOmat 6/2A labelling head, the L400 labelling system accomplishes labelling from below with precise timing at all speeds and labels up to 80 products per minute, said the company.

It simultaneously verifies and synchronises the label code using the data management system, and sorts and removes defective products without damaging the fragile contents.

The machine, which is similar to all Pago labelling systems, has been used in terms of validation for the required functional specification (FS), installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) documentation.

All necessary standards of the pharmaceutical industry are met by the machine.

Pago manufactures self-adhesive labels and labelling systems and offers linear labelling systems, rotary labelling systems and individual labelling heads.

Dividella, which specialises in the development and production of packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, concentrates primarily on packaging for parental products and develops secure packaging solutions for vials, syringes, injectors, needles, blisters or other fragile pharmaceutical products.