Pistol & Burnes has introduced a new pack for its Fair Trade, organic Farmer First coffee brand, using cellulose-based ‘NatureFlex’ films supplied by Innovia, a global producer of BOPP and cellulose packaging films.

Canadian converter Genpak has developed a paper bag for the new pack, which is laminated to NatureFlex film.

Pistol & Burnes president Roy Hardy said the company’s new enviromentally-friendly coffee bag can be organically recycled.

"Most roasted coffee sold in the world is packaged in either foil bags (coated in plastic) or paper bags (with a plastic liner). These usually end up going straight to landfill as they can prove difficult to recycle," Hardy said.

NatureFlex films are certified to meet various standards for compostable packaging including the American ASTM D6400, European EN13432 and Australian AS4736, and their renewable biobased content is typically 95% by weight of material according to ASTM D6866.

Innovia said that the film begins its life as wood and breaks down at the end of its lifecycle in a home compost bin within a short timespan.

Pistol & Burnes selected NatureFlex films as they perform well technically and possess good barrier properties and seal integrity that keep oxygen out and aroma in and extend the product’s shelf life, Innovia claimed.

Commenting on the partnership, Innovia Films Americas president Joe Piccione sai, "Continued success with partners such as Genpak and Pistol & Burnes means that our NatureFlex™ films are well positioned to provide solutions to converters and brand owners."