US manufacturer of thermoformed packaging products Placon has introduced a new line of deli containers that feature tamper-evident lids with tight-fitting seals for product freshness.

According to the company, the new Evolutions line are easy to open and close, can be recycled and will address the growing demand for deli containers manufactured with recycled content.

The deli line is made from 100% EcoStar recycled PETE, a material derived from curbside collected PETE bottles.

The leak-resistant containers are extremely clear for visual impact and are ideal for cold, ready-to-eat deli foods including pasta salads, fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and candy.

A tab at the corner of the lid must be bent upward to open the container, and once open, it remains upright, alerting users that the seal has been broken.

Evolutions comes with two design options including a recessed or inside fit lid which allows for secure container stacking, as well as a film sealed container with an over cap lid allowing more room for product per container. These two designs make the Evolutions line extremely beneficial when storing processed food.

The lid, which fits all five square deli container sizes ranging from 8oz to 32oz, allows retailers to reduce inventory while increasing shelf space.

Placon national sales manager Jeff Lucash said the company took into consideration the environmental impact of the product, what retailers require to stock and sell the product, and what encourages customers to buy it.

"The Evolutions line continues Placon’s tradition of designing packaging that ultimately ensures food looks great and stays fresh, encouraging customers to purchase the product time and time again," Lucash added.