American packaging firm Rehrig Pacific Company has partnered with Intelleflex to create transport packaging solutions that will allow food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to manage cold chain operations of their temperature-sensitive products effectively.

The provider of on-demand data visibility for cold chain asset management said that the technology will proactively monitor the temperature of the temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and packaged foods and manage them on-demand using cold chain avoiding the need to unload pallets.

Intelleflex will use ZEST Data Services to alert the personnel over the real-time temperature changes and the possible risks concerning quality and safety of the products.

Rehrig Pacific Company Supply Chain Technology Solutions national sales manager Kaley Parkinson said that pharmaceuticals and food manufacturers need cold chain management systems to ensure safety and profitability of their temperature-sensitive products

"Partnering with Intelleflex on intelligent transport packaging solutions and ZEST Data Services will provide measurable value and logistical benefits to cold chain operations," Parkinson said.

The cold chain system will also enable customers to track the complete supply chain of containers, bins, crates, pallets, and reusable plastic containers (RPC), leading to several benefits in terms of inventory management and asset utilisation.

Intelleflex president and CEO Peter Mehring said that Intelleflex XC3 Technology temperature and condition monitors will be directly incorporated into Rehrig’s intelligent packaging systems, allowing customers to gain actionable data for managing the freshness and quality of perishable goods.

"By managing the temperature and condition of products at the pallet, tote or container level, we can enable an intelligent supply chain that includes uniform builds and loading, prioritized routing, streamlined operations, and improved traceability," Mehring added.