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UK-based retailer Sainsbury’s has reduced the diameter of its cardboard toilet roll tubes, in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions from transporting bulky packages.

The supermarket chain has cut the inner tube diameter on every roll by 12mm, reducing the number of delivery lorries required by an equivalent of 140,000kg of CO2.

The move is part of the retailer’s 20 by 20 sustainability plan and will help to reduce the company’s own packaging by half compared to 2005 levels, Sainsbury’s said.

The retailer also plans to introduce new on-pack information to help shoppers make ‘more sustainable purchasing decisions’.

Sainsbury’s toilet roll buyer Fiona Miall said the retailer is always on look out for new ways to make small changes to its business that can help its customers make more sustainable choices.

"Our scale means that by making what seems like a relatively small packaging development, we’re able to make significant carbon savings," Miall added.

The new rolls are expected to arrive in Sainsbury’s distribution depots from 7 May 2012 and will hit stores across the UK later on.

The retailer’s own brand toilet roll has been made from certified sustainable Forest Stewardship Council sources for many years, and the cardboard tube was certified in September 2011.

According to Sainsbury’s, new packaging designs on its own brand products have generated an 11% reduction of packaging in the last two years.

In September last year, Sainsbury’s replaced its glass peanut butter jars with plastic ones in a bid to decrease carbon emissions by more than 150t annually.


Image: Sainsbury’s has reduced the inner cardboard tube diameter on every roll by 12mm. Photo: J Sainsbury