Contract packaging services provider THEM has announced that Sanko Machinery’s newly constructed Sagamihara facility in Japan is now fully operational.

The new facility, which accommodates expanded production requirements and improved research and development programmes, is expected to double the capacity of the company’s previous location.

According to THEM, the exclusive North American representative of Sanko packaging solutions, the facility provides additional room for advanced testing, systems upgrades and new systems design and development.

Sanko also owns and operates manufacturing and packaging facilities in Kagoshima, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, besides its Sagamihara location.

The expansion of the Sagamihara will allow for focus on systems that have been built to accommodate strict packaging requirements and other aseptic product categories.

THEM president Neil Kozarsky said the Sanko-THEM relationship represents an amalgamation of Japanese ingenuity and American creativity.

"I’m confident that the next generation of Sanko machines will expand the reach of flexible packaging to entirely new markets sectors," Kozarsky said.

The joint resources and capability THEM and Sanko have made flexible stick packaging and the Sanko packaging machinery portfolio acknowledged performers in North America, said the New Jersey-based company.

Sanko, along with its global packaging supply chain partners, has designed flexible packaging systems for dairy and pharmaceutical product formats.

The company produces stick pack machinery for liquid, powder and dry product formats.