Global packaging company Sealed Air has unveiled a new multilayer shrink sleeve film, which can be used by processors on existing production equipment alongside current ink systems and sealing solvents.

When compared to 50µ monolayer films, the new Cryovac GT-1 lower-density multiple polymer film will allow converters to increase the number of shrink sleeves labels by up to 20% per pound of film.

Sealed Air claims that the latest product is the second shrink line film product for the company, which entered the market two years with a five-layer film, Cryovac 360, targeted at squeeze bottle product applications.

Sealed Air Shrink Packaging Solutions marketing manager Scott Keefauver said the company is looking at applications including beverages, tamper-resistant pharmaceutical, health-and-beauty multi-packs for the new film, reported.

"We saw the opportunity to create a shrink sleeve film with good optics and with more flexibility than single-layer PET-G, PVC and OPS (biaxially oriented polystyrene) films," Keefauver said.

Cryovac GT-1, which has glycol-modifed PET layers on the outside, can work across-the-board besides combining the benefits of monolayer film into one product.

The film, which forms a tight shrink for difficult shapes and surfaces, such as highly contoured bottles, can also be targeted for multi-packs for items such as shampoo bottles, and can be used for dairy products with direct printing and yogurt cups.

"And when you apply heat in a machine direction, it expands by 3%-5%. So you dramatically limit the smiling or frowning that can happen on labels when material droops or pulls down, creating wrinkles," Keefauver added.

Sealed Air, which has 145 manufacturing locations and operations in 62 countries, reported $8.1bn in revenues in 2011.