PET bottle

Packaging firm Sidel has designed a new 0.5l PET bottle for still water called RightWeight.

Weighing around 7.95g, the bottle represents 34% less weight compared to the average 0.5l water bottle that is available on the market.

The bottle also offers a top-load performance of 33kg without nitrogen dosing, using standard 26/22 caps. Top-load resistance is the maximum load capacity of an empty PET bottle.

According to Sidel data, the new bottle will achieve a 32% better top-load performance than the lightest commercial bottle, allowing for annual cost savings of up to €1.75m in production. The bottles will also match the top-load performance of nitrogen-assisted ultra-lightweight bottles.

Sidel packaging care and development head Christophe Bunel said that as well as being designed to reduce bottle weight, RightWeight will also save energy during production.

"Typically the goal is to reach 30kg or more top-load performance to ensure a bottle can withstand the rigours of the supply chain," Bunel added.

The increased resistance of the new bottle will also help in eliminating the over-squeeze issue often experienced when using ultra-light bottles, which may unintentionally result in the spilling of contents.

The RightWeight bottle can be used in all of Sidel’s PET packaging solutions, and can be adapted to existing production lines that use standard cap formats easily.

Image: Sidel’s new RightWeight PET water bottle. Photo: courtesy of Tetra Laval GROUP.