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Italian companies SIPA and Sacmi have partnered to find a new bottle closure solution for both processors and end-users, by combining PET preforms with caps and closures.

The collaboration has resulted in the development of a new solution, SUPER (sustainable, unique, productive, easy, and reliable), which combines a preform neck finish and light-weighted caps to simplify the operation of a caps on PET bottles.

The companies’ spokesmen, commenting on the collaboration, said, "Technical collaboration between two companies that have always made technology a key element in their competitivity was bound to produce great results."

According to the company, the new closure is sustainable as it is lighter compared to other alternatives available on the market, reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy.

Protected by patents, Sacmi said that the unique solution will provide exclusive benefits to those who implement it.

Sacmi further said the line is productive as it reduces the time and cost of equipping production lines when changing between containers for various types of products including water, soft drinks, and aseptically filled drinks. Moreover, very little modification is required to lines for either preforms or closures.

The resulting bottle can be easily opened and the special tamper evidence system provides an immediate breakage of the security strip, making the bottle secure with no risk of blow-off.

Image: The collaboration combined SIPA’s experience in the development of preforms, with that of Sacmi’s in caps and closures. Photo: Sacmi.