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Packaging and blister packaging machine designer Sonoco Alloyd, a business of Sonoco, is set to unveil the improved Aergo 6 heat sealing machine, an entry level rotary machine.

The new NFPA79-compliant Aergo 6 features various design upgrades, operator-friendly enhancements, besides representing a significant improvement for users.

According to Sonoco, the machine consists of one heat seal station and one eject station, and two additional open load stations to house up to two feeders for convenient material loading.

The upgrade includes the addition of a new heating plate mounting system, which can be inserted into a guided shelf by the operators, where it locks into place and can be removed easily, allowing for quicker changeovers and safer operation.

An overload alert system, safety switches, touch screen controls, an adjustable / variable speed drive and 36in load height are the additional features of the machine.

Sonoco Alloyd marketing and business development vice president Roger Malatt said the Aergo 6 fills a gap for both long-term and short-term packaging programmes in the market for the company’s customers to satisfy their markets and end user needs.

"The versatile Aergo 6 joins a family of quality and dependable machinery to enhance user value along with our Aergo 1, Aergo 2, Aergo 8, Aergo Carousel, Aergo Straight Line and Aergo RF equipment," Malatt said.

Even though Aergo 6 has a sizeable 12in x 16in seal area, six-inch air cylinder and upgraded 24V control circuit, it has a smaller machine footprint compared to its predecessor.

Packaging applications of the Aergo 6 include face seal blister-to-card, card-to-card and trapped packaging.

The machine is also ideal for a range of market segments including health and beauty, electronics, writing and stationery, hardware, medical devices, over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical, mobile devices, pet care, housewares and automotive among others.

Image: Sonoco’s improved Aergo 6 heat sealing machine occupies less space when compared to its predecessor. Photo: PRNewsFoto/Sonoco.