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Sonoco Recycling, a division of Sonoco, has announced an investment of $4m in its Columbia materials recovery facility (MRF) in South Carolina, US.

The latest investment will allow the facility to accept additional types of materials, enabling Richland County residents to recycle more of their household materials such as composite cans, glass, magazines and other types of plastics.

Three sorting screens for corrugated cardboard and paper sorting have been added at Sonoco’s unit, besides an optical sorter to retrieve plastic, and a new glass crusher to collect whole and broken glass bottles, jugs and jars.

Sonoco Recycling general manager Ray Howard said the company uses recycled materials in its products, which after recycling by the consumer are collected again for processing.

‘With this upgrade, we’re now able to recycle even more of the packaging produced by Sonoco, in addition to the other items we collect that aren’t produced by us," Howard said.

The facility accepts items including composite cans; cardboard containers with metal bottoms, such as coffee or Pringles containers; paper, including office paper, junk mail, magazines; chipboard; wet-pack boxes and gable-top cartons.

Items including plastic bottles, jugs, jars and containers such as yogurt cups and margarine tubes, milk crates, curbside recycling bins and carts and five-gallon buckets, as well as whole and broken glass bottles, jugs and jars, will also be accepted at the facility.

Sonoco Recycling collects about three million tonnes of old corrugated containers, various grades of paper, metals and plastics annually.

The unit, which operates six MRFs at present, serves nearly 150 communities in which curbside-collected residential and commercial materials are processed.

Image: Sonoco Recycling invests $4m in its Columbia materials recovery facility. Photo: PR Newswire/Sonoco