Protective packaging company Storopack has improved the operating speed of the new PaperPlus Chevron2 machine generation by 50%.

At a speed of over 30m/min, the machine unfolds a paper tube and processes the material into a flexible paper padding and packing filler.

Available as a table-top model or on a movable metal stand, the Paperplus Chevron2, which is available with white kraft paper, offers a variety of options for integration into the packaging station and the packaging process.

The machine comes with an additional setting, which reduces paper consumption during operation, for top-fill applications containing light products, such as medicines where greater cushioning performance may not be necessary.

The Paperplus Chevron2 can supply paper padding to several packaging stations using a conveyor system, and the padding strip is divided into sections automatically.

UK-based Storopack organises the new packaging system for ergonomics based on the working comfort principles, by using the ‘into-the-box’ protective packaging solution.

Paperplus Chevron product manager Paul Deis said the paper padding system, which was introduced in 2007, has a unique position in the market for protective packaging made from paper.

"The new machine generation once again brings two dimensions to the fore. Higher speed ensures higher productivity and the additional mode for reduced material consumption, when less cushioning performance is required, reduces the risk of oversupply and over packaging," Deis added.