Tension Packaging & Automation, a division of Tension, has launched its new printer-folder-inserter (PFI) that automates the printing, verification and dispensing of customer-specific prescription documents.

The new colour 1/2-fold Tension PFI features a RISO colour inkjet printer, which prints, folds and inserts all required patient documentation prior to reaching the pharmacy’s packing station.

Tension president and CEO, Bill Berkley, said the new product provides additional confidence to patients, especially the elderly and those who have multiple prescriptions, to ensure that they have the correct prescription when organising their medications.

"Tension’s color printer-folder-inserter is the newest installment to our lineup to help ensure patient medication accuracy," Berkley said.

The Tension PFI refers to the pharmacy’s medication image library and prints a high-resolution image of a dispensed pill directly onto the patient’s information sheet.

The clear imprint code, colour and shape help the patient to cross-reference the pill with what is in the bottle, and gives them a vibrant visual cue to verify their order.

According to the US-based company, the automated process hastens the fulfillment process in the downstream pack stations and the overall pharmacy, and does away with the need for manual intervention.

Due to lower staffing requirements, per-prescription costs can be reduced, and barcode, RFID verification helps to further cut down the potential for human error in the pharmacy.

The printer also connects with client software used to create transpromotional opportunities for pharmacies in supermarket and drugstore chains.