Upcycled shopping bag

UK-based recycling company TerraCycle has announced that the recycling fundraising scheme Activia Yogurt Brigade has saved 500,000 empty yoghurt pots from UK landfill.

The scheme, which was launched in the UK in September 2010, has been designed to save empty Danone Activia and Shape yoghurt pots as well as Danone Actimel bottles from landfill.

The waste packaging material will be used by TerraCycle to make recycled generic plastic products such as garden benches, watering cans or waste bins and upcycled pencil cases, shopping bags and notepads, among others.

Activia senior brand manager Virginie Guise said the scheme offers consumers a method to recycle and upcycle their used Danone Activia, Shape and Actimel pots & bottles.

"We encourage schools, businesses and individuals who love Danone Activia, Actimel and Shape products to set up a collection point and start their own Activia Yoghurt Brigade and help us reach the next milestone of saving 1,000,000 million yoghurt pots from UK landfill," Guise said.

The Activia Yoghurt Brigade, which has been considered in the UK as a platform to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment, helps in teaching young children as well as adults the significance of recycling and reusing.

For each Danone Activia, Shape and Actimel yoghurt pot and bottle collected and sent back to TerraCycle two points are earned, which can be exchanged for a two pence contribution to the school or charity of the collector’s choice.

According to TerraCycle, the programme has raised over £11,000 for worthy UK schools, charities and non-profit organisations to date.

Image: TerraCycle will use waste packaging material to make recycled plastic products such as shopping bags. Photo: TerraCycle