Tetra PlantMaster

Tetra Pak has acquired the assets of Brazil-based specialist in industrial control systems Genius Automação de Sistemas for an undisclosed amount.

The Swedish food packaging and processing company Tetra Pak said that the acquisition will bolster automation resources and competences for the company’s processing and packaging solutions.

The company’s resources will be particularly strengthened in the area of manufacturing execution systems (MES), control systems which manage and monitor work-in-process on a factory floor.

Under the terms of the agreement between Tetra Pak and Genius Automação de Sistemas, a new automation unit focusing on MES will see the transfer of 41 employees to São Paulo, where it will serve customers both in Latin America and around the world.

Tetra Pak Processing Systems executive vice president Tim High said Genius Automação de Sistemas implements scalable systems that improve industrial performance using software technologies.

"Their automation competence combined with our own automation expertise will enable us to offer our customers the highest standard in manufacturing performance, operational efficiency and food quality and safety," High said.

The acquisition of Genius Automação de Sistemas, which is part of Tetra Pak’s strategy to develop an automated processing and packaging production lines, will build on Tetra PlantMaster, Tetra Pak’s factory control, supervision and operation software.

Image: The takeover will build on the company’s Tetra PlantMaster and Tetra Pak’s factory control, supervision and operation software. Photo: Tetra Pak.